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Birthdate:May 1
Character: Zira
Series:Lion King
Version:Direct to Home Movie: Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.
AgeUnknown /Adult Lioness
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ….. Just gonna go out on a limb here and say Straight.

Zira is a pale brown lioness with a darker brown stripe running down her head and neck. Her underbelly and chest is a cream color and her eyes are a reddish-brown. She has a thin, lithe build and a notch missing from her left ear from a previous fight.

Zira has a vicious temper and tends to be obsessive in her goals. She’s extremely loyal to Scar whom she views as her king and the rightful ruler of the Pride Lands. One could say she’s very bitter and very revenge driven over Scar’s death and her exile by Simba. She takes this to the point of being harsh on her children, training Kovu to follow in Scar’s paw prints in order to regain control of Pride Rock, which she feels is her right and Scar’s dying wish.

She doesn’t seem to care about the welfare of her children unless it pertains to her overall goal of taking back Pride Rock. Yet, she does show rare moments of affection, even comforting Nuka as he died. This shows that on some level, she does care.

As for how she usually treats her cubs. She expects them to follow orders and carry their own weight. She’s harsh with Nuka when he does something wrong and treats Vitani as if she were her second in command instead of her daughter, almost indifferent at times. As for Kovu, she has placed all her hopes and dreams on him and has trained him to accomplish her goal of killing Simba. He’s a tool to her and her favored cub. When he betrays her later on, she takes it hard, lashing out in anger as her temper shows itself.

Above all she raises her cubs with a form of harsh, tough love and follows the memory of Scar right up to her death.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: (Strengths referring to personality type strengths. Not physical ones.)

First of all, Zira is a full-grown female lioness. She was built for speed and power despite being more on the thin side. She’s good with tactics, training her lionesses how to work together as a coordinated team to take down their prey and enemies.

As a lioness, she has sharp fangs and claws that she won’t hesitate to use, preferring to attack fast and brutally.

As for her other strengths, she is extremely loyal to Scar even to the point of being obsessive and tends to be strong willed, tenacious and set in her goals.

Weaknesses:(Physical and mental)

As for weaknesses, one could easily point out her temper that tends to get in her way at times, along with her obsession with Scar. Her temper tends to get the best of her at times, even leading to her death.

Zira was Scars mate and queen during his reign. While she was his queen, she had two cubs, Nuka and Vitani.

When the drought hit the Pride Lands and the hunting became scarce, Zira volunteered search for better hunting. Scar was reluctant to let her leave, but in the end agreed. So she left her cubs with some of her most trusted lionesses and went out scouting.

While she was out scouting, she ran into a rogue lion that decided to chase her. Zira fought against him but in the end he won, tiring her out and pinning down the exhausted lioness and having his way with her. He kept her for his amusement for a few days before finally letting her go.

When she finally returned to Pride Rock, she informed Scar of what happened to her. He was very disappointed in her and this made her temper rise as she vowed to be even more devoted to her King and prove she was strong enough to be his Queen. Zira stated to become obsessed with pleasing Scar as much as possible.

Eventually she realized that the other lion had left her pregnant. She approached Scar on the matter and he off handedly commented that if the cub was male and stronger than Nuka, perhaps the cub would be a better choice. Zira found hope in that she may be able to do something right to prove herself to her King and give him a strong cub, even if it wasn’t his. Nuka had been a disappointment to them; there was no doubt about that.

When it came time to give birth to the cub, Zira took her cubs and a few of her trusted lionesses and hid away and gave birth to her newest cub that she named Kovu

Eventually Simba came back. At the first hint of fighting, Zira was told to take the cubs and hide so she took a few of her most trusted lionesses and did so.

While she was waiting, confident her mate would settle this matter quickly, word got to her that Simba had killed Scar. At first she couldn’t believe it! She left her cubs with her lionesses and ran to see for herself.

When she saw Scar’s body, her heart broke as her temper rose. She vowed to get revenge on Simba for taking Scar away from her.

So she laid low, secretly organizing the small group of lionesses still loyal to her. When she felt the time was right, they attacked staging a rebellion that didn’t last. Simba managed to over power them with his own lionesses. Once the attempted rebellion was over with Simba exiled Zira, her lionesses and her cubs to the Outlands.

While out there, Zira and the others fought to survive. It was difficult to find food and water, especially with three cubs. Zira began training her small pride in teamwork, demanding harsh training exercises in order to help them to survive. Every day her anger grew as more and more she became obsessed with gaining revenge on Simba for their predicament and especially for the death of her King.

As Kovu grew older, she realized he was the perfect heir for Scar and a much better choice to be king than Nuka. Scar had said he make the cub his heir if he was stronger! So she began considering Kovu the chosen one, the cub that would follow in Scar’s footsteps and avenge her Kings death! And once he was old enough, she would train him to avenge Scar.

One day she was away scouting for their next hunt and left Nuka in charge. Surely the boy couldn’t mess that up. Unfortunately, She found Kovu in the Pride lands, away from his siblings and playing with another cub.

A cub she recognized as Simbas. When Simba appeared she rushed in protect her son. If it weren’t for the other lionesses, she would have attacked, confidant that she would have one the fight. Simba let her and her son go and once they were home she began to yell at Nuka for not watching him.

Kovu claimed that it was his fault and that he just wanted to be friends with the other cub. Zira realized that it would be the perfect way to get to Simba! Such a perfect plan, use the daughter to get to the father and when he was close enough.. Kill him! Zira took the idea and ran with it, intensifying Kovu’s training, making him a strong and deadly lion. He would be a wonderful killing machine to take back what was rightfully theirs. Zira could practically taste their victory!

As she trained him, the others kept their eyes on the pride lands, waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself. That time came when it was time for Kiara’s first hunt. Zira concocted a plan to get her son into Simba’s pride. It was simple really.

Set fire to the area she was hunting in, cause a stampede and send Kovu in to rescue her! So she sent Nuka and Vitani to get the fire as she prepared her favored son for his role. Soon enough, the grass was ablaze. She ordered him to go and sat back, prowling and watching as everything worked according to plan.

Now he was in. The next part was waiting for the opportune moment for Kovu to strike! They would have back the lands that belonged to her beloved Scar.
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